Canadian Costume Designer Opens Online Vintage Shop

I have been working as a costume designer that specializes in period costuming. I started to travel North America in search of vintage clothing for my movie and television projects. At the end of each project the vintage that I had collected was going back out into the ether by way of set sales or donations. I was becoming frustrated in my search for more vintage when new productions popped up.

With the help of a local production company I was given the opportunity to start an online vintage shop. Frantic Films agreed to let me photograph and list the pieces that I have scoured the continent looking for in order to get me started. This has helped them and other production companies in finding what they need for their period projects right here at home.

I have travelled to Florida, Washington State, California, North Dakota, Minnesota, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and my home province of Manitoba visiting many, many small town and big city thrift stores along the way to gather my immense collection. My next stop will be London, England in the hopes to find more amazing pieces to add to my collection.

One day I will have my own brick and mortar shop to display my high end vintage collection. Etsy will always be a part of my process so that I can share my finds with others around the world.

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